Nebula Blues

October 9, 2021

Sitting at the bar in a sleazy dive, with my head down for God knows how long, I got lost staring in between the spaces on the countertop, dreaming about the stars instead of how odd it was I was still alive.


June 17, 2016

In this ever growing paradigm shifting interlacing multiverse of a world we live in, we must increase our vigilance by a significant factor if we want to continue to survive. With all the harrowing stories regurgitated from the media machine we’re all mainlined into on a daily basis, and with all the disinformation and misinformation and red herrings and false flags and biased sites spraying sick egotistical bullshit in all directions, saying it’s difficult to parse out anything even resembling what’s really happening becomes a challenge of another magnitude. Nevermind the burning question of “what is truth”–we all create our own realities after all–the point I’m trying to make is that as this interpenetrating maze of worlds in collision intersects with itself at a rate that boggles our ability to keep it all in check–if we watch our backs that’s not enough. You gotta watch the skies for pterodactyls swooping down casting a sudden shadow overhead to glide in silently and snatch your toddler away in the blink of an eye while you’re enjoying an ice cream cone.  You gotta watch the ground for earth-drilling drones shooting up out of the grassy turf to drill you in the ass only to find out later it’s a remote controlled camera device sent from China for the amusement of a particular clique of geosynchronous Instagram freaks. My point is you gotta keep one eye askew to the side in case that mime isn’t what he appears to be and the other eye straight ahead with your third eye fixed on everything with your sixth sense sharp as a barber’s razor–and that’s still not enough to prepare yourself for the likely sudden attack that comes from the unlikeliest of places. All I’m saying is watch out. For everything. For anything. Or am I the only one who cares about this life. So precious, so exhilarating, so beautiful and profound and banal and sad. Such ecstasies and tragedies it’s enough to keep your head spinning but don’t let it, or you’ll get dizzy and just when you stop for a breath that’s when your ticket gets punched or the one you’re with holding their hand gets cleaved at the wrist by a passing dump truck that swerved off the nearby lane to avoid a duck and the brakes went out just like that. Do not live in fear instead remain alive with all your senses sharpened for this growing shrapnel storm of circumstance boiling above our heads prepping the execution dance. The hailstorm of nails dumped from the cargo hatch of an overpassing jumbo jet. Watch out for your friends and sons and daughters because we’re all treading dangerous waters. And while you’re at it–look out for complete strangers because maybe that’ll catch on. Keep moving and merge with the rhythm of life that’s a quickening heartbeat pulsing to this generating hurricane about to transform itself into the superstorm of existence. I believe the old sayings like “fear is the mindkiller” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Don’t look back and take no flak. Keep your energy on the attack. Use love as your shield and then get real. Forgive your enemies that’s how I feel. Don’t let Them Hypnotize You into the same old parlor tricks. They can all eat a bag of dicks. Meanwhile try an experiment for once in your lives. Summon the courage to approach a stranger from another culture and look them in the eyes–especially someone you or your friends despise–and I dare you to say “hello” and smile. Cross over and out of your comfort zone for awhile. I think especially if you’re not prone to do this sort of thing (if you’re the type to block people online when they disagree with you for instance) you’ll stand to grow and learn that actually all people of every stripe, color, and creed can perfectly get along. We’re just being distracted by a worldwide song, broadcast on the Web of Lies so please back out of that before your heart shrivels into something we can all despise. Get a grip and realize. Love and courage amount to real strength while hate and fear are what actually weaken us.